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RISTOGEST was founded in Lecco in 2010 with the aim of offering an integrated catering and hospitality service that would allow individuals, businesses and institutions to deal with a single interlocutor when planning small and large-scale events. Today the group draws on an established structure of professionals, specialist staff, partners and selected suppliers who can conceive, plan, organize and manage international events, hospitality and catering on a concessionary or ownership basis, including special high-value projects.


Quality services, attention to detail and promises kept make RISTOGEST a reliable and respected partner, always ready to meet the client’s needs.

We're your general contractor

We manage every detail of your event, optimizing processes and finding appropriate solutions for your needs. This allows us to oversee activities, plan timings and limit costs. Decor, catering, logistics, security and hospitality: the common denominator is our guarantee of reliability and all-round effectiveness.

Your turnkey event

Whether you’re a private individual, a company or a public body, our focus is on providing all-inclusive solutions for turnkey projects: comprehensive services that go beyond food & beverages and become scalable organization and logistics systems designed ad hoc to guarantee our clients innovation, exclusivity and attention to detail.

Concession activities

Shops, bars, beach clubs, hostels, … thanks to our solid experience in the food & beverage and hospitality sectors, RISTOGEST operates concession formats and private or public-owned sales outlets, guaranteeing its partners continuity and reliability.


We believe in the value of simplicity. With this mindset we have developed a Plug&Play solution for all operations associated with catering and hospitality: a practical, functional management tool that’s easy to adapt for any situation.

What makes our services outstanding

Reliability, Precision

Bespoke Management

Specialist Staff

Problem Solving

What we offer you

From the planning to the event itself, we find the best way to organize your project. We offer our clients excellent services at competitive rates, based on four elements: staff, vehicles, technology and contractual capacity. This allows us to meet all your catering, hospitality, security, cashflow and logistics needs.

We draw on:

  • Specialist staff
  • Proprietary equipment
  • Advanced logistics
  • Computerized management systems
  • Selected partners

There's no RISTO without GEST

With RISTOGEST the wow effect is backed by a perfectly calibrated organizational mechanism. We like to say “there’s no catering without management“: with us, food, beverages and hospitality are the end point of processes geared to the success of the event, designed with a broad vision of the experience and characterized by zero glitches. Because management is the secret to every success.

Our philosophy

We have always made strategic decisions and prioritized versatile approaches to create a sustainable growth model and contribute to local development. Our business model encompasses environmental protection, economic and social sustainability in terms of creating value for the businesses, administrations and individuals who use our services.



Head Office:
Via Carlo Cattaneo, 42/H
23900 Lecco (LC)

Operational Headquarters:
Via dell’ Artigianato 8 – Internal n.13
20835 Muggio (MB)


VAT Number: 02958770162


Phone: +39 03411716501



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